Gift of Life event : over 400 new donors registered!!

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Last Tuesday was a great day for several reasons. One of them is that Susana and I flew back to the “Best Coast” to move on to the next phase of my treatment. She is now happy at home with our beloved cats and nephew, and surrounded by a great network of friends, while I’m enjoy the exceptional care of the Stanford staff and getting ready for the challenging transplant process.

The second reason that day was special is because of the “Gift of Life” event hosted at Vodafone HQ in Newbury, UK. This event came from an idea I shared with some of my Vodafone colleagues ( or should I say family…) to benefit from the visibility I have across the company ( advantages of having such an easy name as “JJ” 😉 and try to benefit other leukemia patients by recruiting new donors to the global registry.

Weeks of preparation by a great team of volunteers led to delivering a great event hosted at the Pavillion, Vodafone’s main event are in the campus. Hundreds of people visited through the day, enjoying Spanish food and music, taking funny pictures and many of them registering as Stem Cell Donors to join the Global Registry and potentially save the lives of patients somewhere around the world.

The results are very impressive :

  • Over 400 people registered as new Stem Cells donors joining the Global Registry and becoming potential “life savers” for leukemia and other blood cancer patients
  • Over 3.000 UK pounds were raised through the donation site, in order to support “Delete blood cancer” activities to increase the donors base with all type of events

And looking at the following pictures it seems that people had a great time!!

Thanks to everyone who attended and supported this event. It means a lot to see my great Vodafone family pouring their support to help other people in my same situation.

And IT’S NOT TOO LATE to make your own contribution to this cause. If you are UK based you can just send an email to with you house/office address and they will send you a registration kit ( cheek swab) so you can become a donor and join the Global Donors registry.

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