YES, I am the Real Vampire!!


I’ve been writing often about the importance of Bone Marrow Donors and how critical they are for Leukemia and other blood cancer patients to find a match for our transplant. Yes, I still have a full matching donor ready and waiting for my body to be clean and carry on with the transplant ( cross all your fingers for me! )

But today I want to highlight another key role : the BLOOD DONORS. Blood cancer patients are one of the largest consumers of Blood and Platelet transfusions, as during most of the time we are not able to produce our own cells due to Chemo treatments ( which cancel the activity of the bone marrow for several weeks ) of sometimes due to chronic bone marrow problems which last for even longer, sometimes years.

The active lives of red cells and platelets are very short ( just a few days) so we patients need to be given frequent transfusions to keep our numbers at an acceptable level. Red cells are responsible to carry oxygen across the body, and platelets are needed to take care of injuries and avoid bleeding. So both of them are critical to keep us alive!!

Some months ago I was getting red cells and platelets once or twice a week during the “low part” of my chemo cycles, but these days I’m getting them DAILY! This is due to the more aggressive nature of my current cycle, and so many chemo cycles have made an impact into my bone marrow which takes longer to recover and produce its own cells.

So as a good VAMPIRE I’m consuming lots of blood, and thinking everytime on the altruistic people who have donated it somewhere around the US to help people like me stay alive and carry on with our treatments and dreams.

If you are a blood donor, anywhere around the world, THANK YOU for your generosity!!

As always, if you have any questions or would like me to write about any specific aspect of this experience, JUST ASK in the comments whether in the Blog or Facebook page!! Don’t be shy!

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